Track Your Pet is KNOWN FROM…

Track Your Pet is the specialist in the field of GPS trackers for your pet!

You don’t want to think about your dog or cat running away or getting lost … The insecurity and having to wait are awful. With the GPS tracker from Track Your Pet this is in the past. With the tracker you can effortlessly request the location of your dog or cat through the free application 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Track Your Pet together with 100% NL made the wish come true for Hanneke Raaijmakers!

Is chipping sufficient?

Only chipping is not enough, with the chip you can not retrieve the location when your pet is missing. The GPS tracker is an addition to ensure that your pet is found when he has run away. If you have not yet purchased a tracker with GPS and your pet is missing, take a look at the website of the Animal Protection.

Is the GPS tracker suitable for cats?

We regularly get the question whether we have GPS trackers that are suitable for cats. The GPS collars that we offer for cats are the Weenect and Mini, thanks to the small size and because the tracker weighs only 22-25 grams.

How does the GPS tracker for your dog and cat work?

Track Your Pet’s GPS collars can track objects through GPS satellites and the GSM / GPRS network. In short, the operation is as follows: the GPS tracker is a kind of mobile phone, you insert a SIM card and attach the GPS collar to the animal (dog or cat), person or object to follow. Via the free application, a simple SMS message, a call or via your browser, you will get the location of your pet.

The GPS tracker is also suitable for your car, child, luggage, boat etc.

There are many applications for the GPS collars for your dog and cat of Track Your Pet, such as following pets (GPS tracker dog and cat). This is particularly useful if you let your dogs run free or if there is a chance that they will run away. But you can also follow children, the elderly and cars.