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GPS Tracker for your dog. Last year more than 50,000 pets were reported missing! With the Dog GPS trackers from Track Your Pet this is a thing of the past. You do not have to worry anymore, with the GPS tracker you can request the location of your pet 24/7 with a simple text message.

You can request the location at any time of the day via your pet’s GPS tracker. This means you never have to worry about losing your pet.

Only chipping is not enough, with the chip you can not retrieve the location when your pet is missing. The GPS collar is an addition to ensure that your pet is found when he or she has run away.

The GPS tracker can track objects through GPS satellites and the GSM / GPRS network. In short, the operation is as follows: the GPS tracker is a kind of mobile phone, you insert a SIM card and attach the GPS tracker to the collar of the animal, person or object to follow.

Via the free App, a simple SMS message or a call you get a link to Google Maps where the location is shown directly on a map and a route to the location can be determined, so that you can be reunited as quickly as possible with your missing pet.

There are many applications for the Dog GPS trackers, such as following pets. This is particularly useful if you let your dogs run free or if there is a chance that they will run away. But you can also follow children, the elderly and cars.

Because we buy in large quantities, we can offer our products at competitive prices. As a result, you never pay too much at Track Your Pet.

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